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ATELIER COLOGNE - An Emotional Experience - Memories Revisited

My journey to find the perfect citrus to add to my fragrance library led me to Atelier Cologne.  The concept of a cologne, built with the strength/longevity of a perfume, intrigued me.  More importantly, the stories the scents were each built upon, reflected the story of the scent's creators.  When choosing a personal scent it is much like choosing a relationship with a person.  You must consider the nuances and facets.  The way you feel when you experience the notes.  Where you go in your mind while surrounded by its embrace.  It chooses you, you don't choose it.

"Is the starting point of your perfumes always a material?
Sylvie: No, it often comes from an emotion."

The Atelier scents are very different from what I usually wear.  I have longed for a fresh, youthful and feminine scent.  The exact scent is in my memory, though I have never found it.  I know what it is that I am searching for, but it doesn't seem to exist.  Perfumes that smell like perfumes do not interest me.  I do realize that must sound silly.  Perfume IS perfume.  That is where my frustration begins.  There are many perfumers that I adore and I own many perfumes that I love.  Still, there are a couple of scents that I dream of owning that do not seem to exist.

When I read the story of Atelier.  It is clear that they have taken the scents they dream of and give them life!  That is amazing and beautiful.  It is fascinating to see that this can be done.  I am inspired by them and their love for each other and for creating a library of beautiful life scents.

Do you believe in "accidents" or "coincidence"?  I believe things that happen are supposed to happen. Coincidence is destiny.  For some time now, one of the elusive scent memories I have wanted to add to my collection has been orange.  Not soapy, aftershave citrus.  A true, juicy, almost candy-like rendition.  It is cemented in my mind.  Frozen in time.  A memory of watching my father peel the skin off of an orange.  Taking the time to remove all of the white skin that lies between the orange peel and the juicy flesh.  Never releasing the juice from the flesh until the very last piece of skin is removed.  The fragrance that would fill the room was wonderful.  This scent, however linear, is something that I have spent quite a few years looking for.  I would get close, only to have a late development in the wear-time of the scent, that ends in a woody mess.  Enter Atelier.  I first tried the Orange Sanguine.

Orange Sanguine, a zesty and energizing burst of crushed ripe fruit, plays off sweet blood orange juice against bitter orange peel and sensual notes of geranium. 

The Orange Sanguine is the first cologne created by Atlier if I have my facts correct.  It is a favorite of my husband's and it wears well on him.  For me, Orange Sanguine started out great but ended up more masculine on my skin than I would like.  I think it was the geranium but I cannot be sure.  To experience this cologne through my husband, though, is lovely.  It suits him.  It's very natural.  He just smells good.  But, I am still left with the longing of MY citrus scent.  This brings me to "coincidence".  Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely shopping trip with my daughter, Christina and my grandson, Lucien.  We decided to take a day and go "sniffing".  Earlier the same day I received an email from Atelier advertising their newest scent, created in celebration of their upcoming 5th year anniversary of Atelier.  I thought the notes sounded fantastic, interesting and very intriguing.  A quick internet search led me to see that it might be some time before I could try it in store, so I put it in the back of my mind as a future possibility.  We set out on our shopping trip and I sniffed scent after scent, not finding anything that even began to stroke that memory in the back of my mind.  Orange skin breaking and sending fragments of its sparkling sweetness into the air.  We decided to head over to Neiman Marcus.  There, we met the loveliest woman, Ellen, who took the time to "hear me".  She knew exactly what I was saying and she knew her scents!  She walked me around to try this and that.  Then she stopped and asked if I had tried Atelier.  I told her of my experience with Orange Sanguine.  She asked if I had tried Pomelo Paradis.  I replied that I had only just heard of it that very morning and could not find it in stores during my quick internet search!  She had it right there for me to try.  Coincidence?  I think not.  She spritzed some onto my arm and both my daughter and I grinned at each other.  Christina said, "That's IT!"  She was right!  It surely seemed to be.  I asked for a sample and decided to walk around a bit to see how it would wear/dry down.  About 30 minutes later, I came to realize that I must take it home with me.

Normally, I do not write reviews until I have worn something for a bit of time.  At least a week!  But Atelier's story touches my heart.  The more I learned about the company and its founders, the more I appreciated the individual creations.  I would love to keep them all to myself.  It saddens me when I find a personal scent and someone close to me adopts it as their own ....because I want it for myself! Isn't that selfish of me?  Aren't you all SO lucky that I have decided to share Atelier with you today.  *GRIN*  

Below, is the scent description from the Atelier website for their newest creation.  Notice the story of the scent.  Beautiful words that wove a magical web between me and their interpretation of my scent memory.  Maybe one of their scents will cast a spell upon your heart.  I will leave you with a quote that touched my soul from an interview with the founders of Atelier.

"What I regret is that they  (customers) don’t tell us more about the stories we write. Lots of customers wear our fragrances, know our postcards, but they don’t know that there is a story behind each of them. These stories are for the real fans!"

Pomélo Paradis

Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ]

“Was he a fool to drive all night just for a chance to see her? Perhaps it was adrenaline and the lack of sleep, but as he pictured moments they had been together, the word destiny stuck in his mind. The coral sunrise burned bright and he drove faster. There was no choice but to see her again.”

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