Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dear Hilde Soliani

Dear Hilde Soliani
We have all experienced the loss of a favorite scent.  It's heartbreaking to have a scent that we associate as "our scent" be discontinued.  It's frustrating when you realize how many are effected by the scent no longer being available.  We mourn the loss of the fragrance in our lives.  We think to ourselves, if it is selling, why stop making it.  They will say they discontinue to make room for other perfumes.  What they don't realize is, it scares folks off from their line.  Why start a love affair when the object of your infatuation is already planning an exit.  This in mind, I tried so hard to not fall in love with a new scent.  I will date or romance a scent, but I won't marry one.  However, when I found your line of beautiful and creative fragrances, I fell hard.  Never has a line of fragrances carried so many that captured my senses.  Your line is a storybook collection of emotions.  My favorite scents, such as Fraaagola Saalaaata and Conaffetto, stir something deep inside my heart.  They make me happy from the inside out.  The scents float upon the air around me in a gentle but lasting way throughout my day.  I have never had a scent effect me in this way.  You are an artist.  You take images from your mind and paint them with fragrance.  Your bottles  are then filled with emotion, love and your creativity.  Owning even one of your fragrances is a gift.  I hesitate to share the names of my most treasured perfumes with others, for fear they will buy the last precious bottle in stock or start wearing my favorite scent.  But, there is that part of me that wants to shout out my love of Hilde Soliani's perfume artistry all over the world.  Maybe, by doing so, this would inspire you to keep filling those bottles with your gifts, from now and to the end of time.  A great day is filled with the joy and emotion, that a few sprays from your bottle provide.

Thank you so much. You are a treasure and so very gifted.

Two of my favorite scents are pictured in this post!

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