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Curls Are Back! AS I AM Hair Products are AMAZING!

I'm BACK!  Been away for a while - hope that you missed me :0)  It's also been a while since any product inspired me to write a review.  You will only read rave reviews here as I only write about products that I love.  I have no interest in disparaging products that I do not enjoy because I know that others may love them.  My writings are all about things I adore in the hopes that you might find a product of use to you.

This morning I will be writing about the AS I AM hair product line.  Click here to visit the AS I AM Website.  I have been using their products for about a year now.  These products were designed for more coarse hair than I have, however, they have made a huge difference in my hair and I adore the line.  It is very affordable and contains quality ingredients.  Nothing in them coats or dries out the hair.  Smells amazing but the scent dissipates quickly and will not interfere with your perfume choice of the day.

 My most used and most favorite product in the line is the Coconut CoWash.  It is non lathering.  You will need less than you think you will.  It is in a tub as shown in photo.  Some do not like the container but I love it.  I can get every last drop of product.  Even in the shower I just hold onto the container and place the lid on the corner shelf upside down (to keep water out of the lid).

 I apply the product to my hair quickly and replace the lid onto the tub.  Then I work the product through my hair.  I concentrate on my roots and scalp and then squeeze through the length of my hair.  Comb through your hair, while the product is in, with a wide tooth comb.  Massage throughout the scalp.  Leave it in your hair while you wash up and complete your shower.  Rise out completely.  You hair will feel soft as if already conditioned.

*After washing with the CO Hair Wash, I shut the shower off and gently squeeze out the extra water in my hair (do NOT towel dry).  Then I flip my hair over and shake it out a bit especially at the roots.  I grab my bottle of the AS I AM Leave In Conditioner and applying right away while my hair is still soaking wet.  Apply the Leave In Conditioner to the palm of your hands and rub your palms together a bit before applying to your hair.  I glaze over the outside of the hair before working it through the rest with gentle squeezing up towards the scalp.  Then I use that wide toothed comb to comb it through (sometimes I skip the combing if I wish to have more fullness).   After I comb it through I Scrunch hair upwards towards my scalp using a bit more of the Leave In Conditioner and only my hands (no towel!) without disturbing the hair pattern too much. You want it messy.  Do not rub hair, just gently squeeze upwards.  The hair will make squishy sounds
because it is soaking wet.  When I leave out the step of combing the Leave In Conditioner through the hair I sometimes get a deeper wave pattern.  After I have scrunched/shaped the hair, I lift my hair up and back to normal upright position gently, slowly.  I do not whip/flip it back so as to not disturb curl pattern.  I arrange it a bit around my face taking care that the part is not straight.*  Take advantage of the scattered part appearance.  This will give you more volume when dry.  Let it air dry!  Do not mess with it, comb it or touch it too much.  If you notice some frizzing while it is drying squeeze in a bit more of the Leave In Conditioner only to those areas.  I tell you it never builds up in my hair.  It stays shiny and works for my fine but multi-textured hair perfectly.  When it is dry I gently flip my hair over again (upside down as you do when applying Leave In Conditioner).  I place my fingers in the scalp area and just very gently loosen the hair at the root area.  Again, do not disturb your waves/curls too much or they will frizz.  Ease the hair back to upright gently, do not whip it back.  Hair should fall into a full, beach wave but touchable arrangement.

**If you would like to scrunch some additional water out of your style, so that it will dry a bit faster, proceed as follows after you have completed the steps above marked by * through *.  Put on a pair of all cotton gloves or, use an all cotton T-shirt and gently flip hair over, taking care not to disturb the hair too much.
Scrunch hair upward from bottom gently towards the scalp with your hands in the ALL cotton gloves.  If you are using an all cotton T-shirt you can scrunch it upwards as you would with a towel.  Do not use a bath towel to do this as it creates frizz.  Do not rub or be too aggressive or even the all cotton gloves/shirt will create frizz and break up your curl pattern.  I get my all cotton gloves on Ebay!  Very inexpensive.  I purchased several pairs of coin/jewelry gloves.  They are normally used to present jewelry etc. to prevent fingerprint smudges.  Be sure to get an all 100% cotton pair.  They sell microfiber gloves to use for this purpose but I find microfiber doesn't work as well as 100% cotton.  Microfiber feels too harsh for my hair and doesn't seem to pull water out well either.

When I first started to use these products I used EVERY product that I could get my hands on that pertained to my hair type and situation.  I also like the Curling Jelly but find I get better waves/curls/texture and frizz control with using the Leave In Conditioner as my styling product (as well as using it as a leave in conditioner).

Once a month I will wash with the AS I AM cleansing pudding.  Shown here, it is in a tub.  Mine arrived in a tall bottle like my Leave In Conditioner pictured above.  It is a bit difficult to get out of the taller bottle and I would prefer the tub.  It is non lathering but designed to remove buildup on the hair.  I follow that with the Hydration Elation.  I go through the Leave In Conditioner quickly because I use it as a styling product as well as a leave in conditioner.  At  Walgreens Website you can catch a deal with free shipping and grab several of the AS I AM products to try with the free shipping at $25.00 deal!  Or, you can order directly from the AS I AM website for free shipping at $35.00.  Sallys Beauty Supply carries this line as well as many other retailers but my best price has been Walgreens.  I have also ordered from though the deals are rarely as good.  I have noticed a few products that might be new additions to their line on their website!  I may need to give them a try soon!

I have tried the smoothing gel and I found it left my hair dull and sticky.  It is really meant to hold down the hairline which I do not require.  I keep it in the event I wear an up-do ;0)

I have written the company in the past to tell them how thrilled I am with their products and to mention to them that, although the products were meant for a different hair type, they leave my fine, long, partially gray hair looking in the best shape it has in years.  However, I never heard back.  Not even a thank you :0( sadness.  Oh well, I still love AS I AM!  This line tops my Mane and Tail review listing elsewhere on my blog!  You can search my earlier posts for that review if you have interest.

Feel free to write with any questions.  When I get excited about a product I can forget to mention something important!  I will be glad to get back to you.  Please do not post spam messages, they will get deleted before they post.

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