Thursday, May 9, 2013

Care of Your Hair

Several folks have asked me about my hair care.  I am a licensed Cosmetologist and you might imagine that I have a fancy hair routine.  Not true.  Over the years I have tried a bit of everything with my hair.  It has been colored, cut, permed and left alone.  The upkeep and cost involved with coloring my hair was not something I have ever been comfortable with.  Also, the act of covering up what was essentially ME, rubbed me the wrong way.  Comments such as "you will look older", "you won't be hired", "your skin will look pale" were tossed at me.  For some reason, comments like that would fuel my fire for leaving what God designed for me, alone.  This year I will turn 50 years of age.  Four or maybe now FIVE years ago I set out to little by little grow out the semi/demi permanent color that was in my hair.  I did not wish to cut my long hair off so I just let it grow and periodically my husband or daughter would trim some off.  The end of last year (2012) my daughter cut off the last of the color and I am now ME.  I love it.  No worry about when I will need to touch up my roots.  OH NO!  A party invite - OH DEAR!  I have roots!  Nope, just ME.  Never did I realize how much of a relief this would be.  It left me with another predicament however.  Care of my hair.  I now have gray/white in the front and mostly dark hair in the back.  Each a slightly different texture.  With all the coloring (every 3 weeks) I would notice SO much hair in the bottom of the shower or in my comb as I combed out the tangles in the
shower ESPECIALLY on color days.  This was greatly reduced when I stopped coloring!  It was about this time that I read about CO (Conditioner Only) washing.  Some years back I tried this and it worked rather well but I had moved away from it.  There is plenty of information out there on this method of washing the hair.  Google Conditioner Only hair washing or CO hair washing and see what comes up.  I only use shampoo on my hair a few times a month when necessary.  You get the feel for when you need it.  The rest of the time I use Conditioner Only.  You wet your hair when you get into the shower...massage your scalp in the warm water to loosen the dirt.  Apply the conditioner (LOTS - you will need a lot especially if you have long hair) and massage that into the scalp and squeeze through ends.  (Do not pile hair on top of your head and tangle up your ends people!  The ends are not as dirty as the hair on the top of your head.  Just squeeze the conditioner into the ends.  Then gently comb out your  tangles with a wide toothed comb working up from the bottom slowly.  Let the conditioner sit on your hair as you wash your body, shave your legs etc.  This will give it time to dissolve the oils and dirt from your hair.  Rinse out.  I have found that if I add more conditioner (less than what you will need the first time) and work it through quickly and rinse out a 2nd time before exiting the shower that I have an even better result.  As you might imagine, this uses a lot of product.  This would be rather expensive with a salon brand of shampoo and conditioner.  I use Mane 'n Tail (Original Formula) Shampoo and Conditioner.  These are available in HUGE 32 oz bottles and work very well for me.  I wrap my head in a huge ShamWow towel!  (Not the leather shami )  Example of Shami Towel   When I am ready to comb out my hair I use the Shami Towel to absorb/squeeze out the excess water from my tresses.  (Never rub your lovely tresses with the towel.  Being rough with your hair - especially when your hair is wet - will cause breakage.  Gently squeeze your hair in the towel or cloth/non-leather shami)  Then I take a dime sized amount of the same Mane 'n Tail conditioner and use as a hair dressing (I keep this away from my roots).  This gives more texture and control to my fine hair without weighing it down.  Once in a while I will use the Mane 'n Tail Daily Strengthening treatment.  This will add shine and feed the hair.  I cannot use the Strengthener daily.
Though this says "Daily", too much of a good thing is TOO MUCH of a good thing.  It will make my hair feel harder and brittle in some way.  If I use it only once a week or so, it adds what does in fact feel like "strength" and shine.  Most days, after using the bit of Mane 'n Tail (Original) Conditioner as a hair dressing.  I will spray the Mane 'n Tail "Shine On" into my hands (I do not spray directly onto my hair)  I flip my hair over and scrunch it into my hair from the ends up but avoiding roots.  I also gently smooth onto areas that need a bit more shine - the gray around my face or tops of curls to catch the light.   (Applied with my fingers not sprayed directly onto head) I will then style my hair either by letting the wave dry as it is or by clipping up sections of hair.  This is beginning to look like an ad for Mane 'n Tail.  I am not affiliated with the company, but I am proud to speak about both the effectiveness of their products along with the affordability!  Mane 'n Tail has been around as long as I can remember.  They are a company that you can count on.  So far, I have not had to worry about my favorite product being discontinued.  I hope my favorite products will be around as long as I need them!  I love the faint cherry smell of the Strengthener and the Shine.  If you do not care for the scent, be assured it fades out quickly and won't interfere with your perfume.  The Conditioner and Shampoo (Original) has a very faint scent and both are pleasant.   This process has taken me from losing tons of hair in the shower to very few strands coming out.  I can easily count the number of strands now versus having enough over the course of a week to make a wig!  Thank you for asking and for reading my posts.  It is my hope that in some way my words will help someone.  Please write with any questions.

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