Saturday, April 6, 2013

Portable USB Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

Innovative, cool, sleek and portable USB RECHARGEABLE eyelash curler!  YAY!  This can recharge via the USB port on your laptop computer, or, you can use your Iphone wall adapter.  (Just unplug the cord and plug in your eyelash curler where the Iphone cord connects - then plug into the wall).

I have written in the past about several eyelash curlers and I have run through the streets singing the praises of one in particular.  However, even my favorite lash curler had a drawback of size/portability and loss of heat.  After curling one set of lashes I would need to put the curler back onto the base unit and reheat it.  The curler itself is not heat productive.  This little gem shown in the first photo takes care of that problem and fits into the palm of your hand.  It is about the same size as a USB storage/jump drive stick.  The idea of the battery being rechargeable is a long time in coming.  This will hold constant heat once you turn it on and allow it to heat up (about 30 seconds or so).  The switch is secure with indicator lights for charging (you will know when it is charged when the red light switches to green.  This unit seems very well made and comes with a secure cap for the wand and another cap to cover the USB plug (Remember to press buttons in on each side to remove bottom cover for recharging.  If I recall correctly, I believe the part that holds the heat is ceramic.  The directions are clearly written and the sturdy packaging snaps apart - you will not need to perform excision with scissors to get this out of the package.  I'm proud to own this and I think you will be too.  Purchase information -  Use eBay's "advanced search" to find the store named  "smartdoorlocks" and enter "lash curler" into their store search box.  If you cannot find the store, the seller's name is "DesignFlakes".

Will this portable curler take the place of your favorite Luminous Lash electric curler (AKA Hot Lashes)?  No.  If you are a makeup artist, stick with the Luminous Lash curler but grab one of these rechargeables for your pocket to touch up your models during a photo shoot!  The Luminous Lash system locks in a
distinct curl that will last until you wet your eyes. However, when I use this portable/rechargeable lash curler I get a more natural look to my lashes.  The curl is rounded and less sharp and it does stay in all day but the initial tightness will be somewhat less.  Keep in mind that I do not apply mascara with any of the curlers.  I use a lash curler in place of mascara.  Lately, I will use these two curlers in combination to achieve a more natural result.  Also, the heat from the rechargeable curler is a constant heat where the Luminous curler cools off quickly once removed from the base that heats it.  

The packaging on the rechargeable lash curler states that the battery will hold a charge for 30 minutes of use.  I have used it steadily since I received it and I find that it doesn't quite keep the charge for a full week. I don't think I was curling for 30 minutes straight.  That just tells me that I will want to plug it in while I shower mid-week or so.  I LOVE this curler.  These will make fantastic gifts and come in several color choices.  Mine was purchased from eBay at the store listed above.  Purchase one of your own to add to your makeup bag.  Get one for your mom for Mother's Day!  You can buy her the pink one!  They are about $24.00 USA and currently FREE Shipping!  A high quality USB RECHARGEABLE, affordable and unique Lash Curler

For more info on Luminous Lash curler check out my previous post.

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