Monday, October 22, 2012

My Favorite Place to Buy My Coconut Oil and Vitamins!

It is time that I told you about Coconut Oil.  There are many health benefits of using coconut oil in place of other oils.  It also tastes great, smells great and is CHEAP!  Thing is – you need organic and virgin coconut oil so that the health benefits remain in the oil ready to be utilized by your body!  Bleaching, removing the scent etc. also removes the *good stuff* from the oil.  Here is a link to where I buy my coconut oil – there are many brands to choose from but be sure you chose Organic AND Virgin (I think it is Cold Pressed).  The online shop that I use WITH FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS! Is located here:

Pure Formulas Website  (Put NUT1000 in the search box when you get to the site and you will see the brand I most frequently buy but there are many others.)

If you place an order or plan to – register first – this way you earn points…the points go towards $ off future purchases once you collect enough of them.  Along with that…each order that I have placed arrived with a coupon code for 10% off my next order that is valid for a nice amount of time.  Use NEXT10 in the discount code box during checkout and you will get 10% off now.  Around my area – if I can find the virgin coconut oil etc….it is way more $ for even a small size jar….plus, the gas used finding it and tax etc.  NO TAX, FREE  shipping on any size order…plus 10% off….equals way cheaper!  PLUS, that fact that I mentioned earlier about your orders racking up points towards future purchases.  They sell all kinds of vitamins etc.  I got my last shipment of vitamin B here much CHEAPER and FREE shipping…did I mention FREE SHIPPING  …OH, and it was priority shipping.  I still can’t believe they sent me my coconut oil for 7 bucks and change and spent more than 5 to ship it to me…I don’t think they made more than a buck?  Anyway…great service and great site.  I should blog about them on my blog…hmmm…I think I will!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy coconut oil is in my coffee!  I use a bit less than one teaspoon in my coffee and stir.  Sometimes I will use one of those hand blenders and it creates a frothy and wonderful cup of coffee!

I also use coconut oil for my hair, wash my face with it and apply daily as a body moisturizer.  Recently, I have noticed that my eyelashes are darker, thicker and longer.  Normally I do not use mascara and only curl my lashes with the Heated Lash curler mentioned in a previous blog post of mine.  I have not been using eyelash conditioners (or mascara for that matter) lately as I seem to have developed some sensitivities with my eyes.  The only product that has touched my face has been the coconut oil.  For this reason I can only assume that the coconut oil has something to do with my new lusher lashes!

Even my cat loves coconut oil.  She will practically knock me over to get to my jar if she smells coconut oil upon the air when I open the lid!  I do not know if cats receive any benefits from coconut oil but it sure has not hurt her any the few times that she has had it for a treat (just a dab at a time)!

and this was interesting along with the folks comments that posted at the bottom of the article:

I hope this information is helpful and that maybe it will help with any skin issues that you might be experiencing.  I do not have psoriasis so I cannot vouch for benefits for that particular skin condition, however, many posts on the Internet along with my sister in law can vouch for the help it offers them with their psoriasis.

NOTE:  I am not affiliated with and I was not paid for this post.

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