Monday, July 2, 2012

Kelly & Jones – Notes of Wine Perfume Collection Wrap Up & Sample Set Winner!

Normally, I write about my accidental finds that charm me!  Kelly & Jones Scents of Wine collection was my first set of reviews that were based solely on my curiosity regarding the creation of perfume from impressions received to us of wine.  Wine is something that my husband and I enjoy together.  It isn’t just the wine.  We are not fancy wine drinkers and we have nothing beyond the basic “red wine with steak and white wine with fish” wine education.  Thing is, we love the experience.  A glass of wine as we sit out on the porch and talk about the day, or, sitting outside on a deck or at a restaurant listening to a local Jazz band, brings us together.

One year we planned a trip to the CA Wine Country.  Well, that was the year of 9/11.  That trip was cancelled as there was no GETTING ME ONTO a plane.  The world seemed in chaos to me.  NO way I was leaving my family and heading out to Wine Country.  We never re-scheduled that trip.  (nor was it refunded!) 

This opportunity to experience each of the Kelly & Jones Scents of Wine collection was my olfactory wine country experience.  From the comfort of my living room, I traveled to beautiful wine country and absorbed all of the various notes that make one wine different from another.  This trip required using my nose instead of my taste buds.  Thank you Kelly & Jones!

***The winner of the sample set is Donna Artz*** 

Available at: Kelly & $84.00 US.  1.69 fl oz / 50ml eau de parfum sprays in an elegant white box.  Sample set available for $20.00 US.

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  1. Thank you beautiful, I look forward to smelling these, I actually love wine but don't drink it cause I would fall on the floor if I had one sip at this stage of them game but maybe someday, ah, a girl can dream can't she....