Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kelly & Jones – Notes of Riesling Eau de Parfum

Kelly & Jones - Notes of Riesling Eau de Parfum
Aromas of fresh-picked white peach, anjou pear, bergamot and raspberry leaf.

If you are familiar with Riesling wine, you might be aware of the fact that it is a very fruity and bright wine and is often used when the wine is quite young versus waiting for the wine to age.  This is at the same time, a wine that is said to age very well.  It is youthful and bright and very versatile.  Riesling wine can be paired with many different foods.  Pair it with everything from spicy foods to desert.

With this in mind, I applied my sample of Kelly & Jones Notes of Riesling EDP.  My initial response was how very true to the note description this is!  For me, it is rare to have a peach note in a perfume that is nectar sweet.  The peach note combined with the pear is intoxicating.  I cannot keep my nose away from my wrist.  This is a refreshing scent.  By this I do not mean soapy, just-out-of-the-shower refreshing.  This is a cooling drink, tenderly sweet, sitting under a tree in a park on a perfect summer's day.  The raspberry leaf note escapes me but only because I am not familiar with that particular nuance in a fragrance.  I actually pick up on a green apple note, ever so slightly sour that I am enjoying so much with the peach and pear notes.

This may be my new favorite.  It's a tough choice for me between the Notes of Merlot and the Notes of Riesling - If I had to chose just one...oh dear...I just do not know which I would pick.  I guess it would depend on my mood.  For a romantic evening, the Merlot.  For an afternoon date, the Riesling.  Writing that here though, I am realizing that the Riesling is not just for daytime.  Nope, it is just as versatile as the wine itself.  This perfume is youthful and yet ages very well (just like YOU!)  Wear it for your mellow dates AND your spicy dates - and anything in between!

Now that I have tried each of the scents, I will have a drawing for the entire set of samples of the Notes of Wine collection ($20.00 Value).  All members of this page will be automatically entered.  Being a "member" means that you are listed at the bottom right of this page.  (You will see little icon images on the bottom right side of page and a link to join).  Remember to add your email address to the above right box so that you will be notified of the drawing results.  This will be a great way to experience the entire Notes of Wine scent collection.  To enter the contest place your email address in the upper right of page and then become a member of this page.  If you page down to the lower right of the page you will see icons of folks that have joined my page.  Click the link to join and I will be able to contact you via the link provided to me - to let you know if you have won the drawing for the sample set.  **Remember to also put your email address in the above right of the page - you will receive notification when I post new information and the winner of the sample set.  The contest begins today 6/3/2012 and will end at midnight on 7/1/2012.

Available at: Kelly & $84.00 US.  1.69 fl oz / 50ml eau de parfum spray in an elegant white box.  Sample set available for $20.00 US.

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