Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kelly & Jones – Notes of Cabernet Eau de Parfum

Kelly & Jones – Notes of Cabernet Eau de Parfum
Spicy notes of pink peppercorn, ripe black cherry, and tobacco flower on a gorgeous base of vintage leather.

Oh my!  CHERRY!  With this blend the cherry pops for me!  This perfume reminds me of summers spent in my Nana's back yard picking the cherries off of her HUGE cherry tree.  I ate my way through more cherries than a little girl should.  Come to think of it, I suppose that is why my bucket never filled!  This is not a fruity scent though.  The pink peppercorn and tobacco flower sneak in there to tame the fruit and create a very elegant effect.  This scent would work well for any time of day.  It isn't over powering in any way and would fit in as nicely at a picnic, as it would a black tie affair.  Normally, I am a gourmand girl but the cherries in this perfume have me wondering if I have been missing out on something by gravitating towards the same types of scents.  Time to branch out!  If you feel the need for something a bit different, wander on over to the Kelly & Jones website and try out some of their wine scents.  You may find something that you never knew you were looking for!

Please watch for additional reviews of Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Scent collection.  Notes of Merlot was the first scent of this line that I experienced and my impressions are in a previous post along with my post on Notes of Chardonnay . 

Once I have tried each of the scents I will have a drawing for the entire set of samples of the Notes of Wine collection ($20.00 Value).  Remember to add your email address to the above right box so that you will be notified of the drawing.  This will be a great way to experience the entire Notes of Wine scent collection.

Available at: Kelly & $84.00 US.  1.69 fl oz / 50ml eau de parfum spray in an elegant white box.  Sample set available for $20.00 US.

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