Friday, April 6, 2012

Wine Perfume - Kelly & Jones Notes of Merlot EDP - Notes of Wine Scent Collection

Recently, I read that our sense of smell is critical in properly analyzing a glass of wine.  To truly appreciate a glass of wine we should take a moment to notice not only the color but also the particular aroma(s) and nuances particular to that glass of wine.  The color may indicate something about its age.  The many different scent impressions however, can stimulate more than just your taste buds. 

Our sense of smell can trigger memories both old and new.  One scent may be comforting and another energizing.  This is the reason of why I find the thought of a *signature scent* impractical.  This does not stop me from looking for my own personal scent.  I romanticize my hunt for THE perfect perfume.  In reality, I know that each day I may need something different in a scent.  Today I may need a bright uplifting scent and tomorrow I may need something comforting and warm.  The joy that is perfume.

One evening while enjoying a glass of wine with my husband, I inhaled the lovely bouquet floating upon the air as I absentmindedly swirled my glass.  I wondered if there was such a perfume that would truly capture this moment.

After a rather extensive Internet search I found Kelly & Jones and their Notes of Wine collection (  I could NOT contain my excitement.  

Kelly Jones is the creator of the Notes of Wine scent collection.  This scent library was born from Kelly’s visit to the wine country in her native California.  She was inspired to create a collection of perfumes that would capture her experience in the vineyard.  Kelly moved to New York and worked alongside Darryl Do to perfect her art.

When I received my samples I was very anxious to tear them open.  The scent I was most interested in was the Notes of Merlot Eau de Parfum.  As I anticipated, notes of Merlot is my favorite of the collection! The notes listed for this scent are rhubarb, red currant, mission fig and candied violet.  If I had to guess what this fragrance would bring to mind, it would be the merlot served during a romantic evening dinner in a dimly lit restaurant.  I won’t pretend that I know what rhubarb smells like however, I do appreciate candied violet!   In fact, the candied violet is the first note to greet me and I am more than happy to meet its acquaintance.  This scent is tender and bright contradicting what I expected it to be.  Merlot EDP is a glass of wine that you would enjoy at a picnic on a glorious summer afternoon.  Once settled onto the skin it becomes the perfect blend of fruit and floral without screaming anything in particular.  The candied violet adds a youthful glow to this wine’s bouquet.  It lasts a reasonable amount of time on my skin (4-6 hours). 

It would be wonderful to experience a darker version of the Merlot EDP some day.  One that would bring to mind that romantic evening out celebrating in candlelight.  Two lovers staring longingly into each other’s eyes, falling in-love all over again.

The other scents in this collection:
Notes of Chardonnay EDP – Honeydew, toasted oak, vanilla blossom, crème brulee
Notes of Riesling EDP – White peach, Anjou pear, bergamot, raspberry leaf
Notes of Cabernet EDP – Pink peppercorn, black cherry, tobacco flower, vintage leather
Notes of Sauvignon Blanc EDP – Yuzu grapefruit, starfruit, green apple, camellia

Available for purchase at:

Each fragrance retails for USD $84.00 (1.6 oz Eau de Parfum).  Sample pack of all 5 fragrances RSD $20.00.  They will soon be available at various tasting rooms, resorts and stores throughout wine country and other fine retailers.

Please watch for updates to to read my reviews of the entire wine collection.  If you enter your email address into the box in the upper right of this page you will be notified of blog updates.  After I review all of the scents I will host a giveaway of the entire set of samples.  Be sure to sign up for blog notifications so that you will be able to enter the drawing.  A great opportunity to try Kelly's entire collection.  Reviews will be posted as I try the remaining wine perfume samples to allow each their own time to breathe.

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