Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kelly & Jones – Notes of Chardonnay Eau de Parfum

Notes: Honeydew, Toasted Oak, Vanilla Blossom, Crème Brulee

Notes of Chardonnay EDP is so smooth.  Each of the listed notes fall into each other blending perfectly yet none are lost to the composition.  I cannot help but to press my nose into my wrist to inhale this yummy fragrance. 

Initially, I am drawn in by the fruit & vanilla but with a blend like this it is difficult for me to pick out what in particular is perking my nose up.  In fact, if my nose could smile it surely would be!

Personally, I adore a good gourmand scent.  They feel so warm and comforting.  The breath of Angels I say!  However, I do love a floral that is not sharp and does not sting the senses.  A floral scent, for me, would need to keep that sweet nectar/newly bloomed sweetness.  I mention this frequently, the scent that travels upon the air in Spring/Summer and you notice it just barely and wonder what it is that smells so nice.  Do you remember as a child taking the Honeysuckle blossoms – pulling out the bottom and tasting the sweet honey that drips out?  Ok, maybe we were the only kids doing it but it tasted as good as it smelled.  This is the feeling I look for in my floral scents.  Kelly & Jones Notes of Chardonnay EDP combines both my love of a good gourmand along with my love of a smooth floral.  This is sweet, warm and comforting but not quite innocent.  This is grown up and seductive.  This last a nice amount of time on my skin, all the while staying in full bloom!  This was sampled from a vial and not sprayed on from a bottle so it is difficult to attest to silage/scent trail.  If I had to guess, one would leave a lovely impression behind if they were wearing this perfume.

Please watch for additional reviews of Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Scent collection.  Notes of Merlot was the first scent of this line that I experienced and my impressions are in my previous post. 

Once I have tried each of the scents I will have a drawing for the entire set of samples of the Notes of Wine collection ($20.00 Value).  Remember to add your email address to the above right box so that you will be notified of the drawing.  This will be a great way to experience the entire Notes of Wine scent collection.

Available at: Kelly & $84.00 US.  Sample set available for $20.00 US.

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