Monday, March 19, 2012

Laurence Dumont - Vanille Violette Eau de Parfum

Vanille Violette:
“Haunting” is how I would describe this scent. I say that because just when you think it has left you it will reappear and you remember all over again why you love it so much. Vanille Violette opens with a bright violet that isn’t too sweet or green – just lovely, authentic violet flowers. I have read where this was described as candy sweet but I don’t get candy from this at all (and I LOVE candy scents). This is innocent but not childish. The vanilla blends seamlessly into the dry down and you feel enveloped in its sensuality. As my husband said the other night, “It just floats about you and doesn’t overwhelm in any way”. You will not feel perfumed or overly scented. Vanille Violette will accent your own femininity and make you feel beautiful.  This can be purchased online from many sources. or ( is the Health & Beauty part of is a great place that also offers FREE SHIPPING check out:  

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