Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mustela Musti Eau de Soin Spray

This is one of those scents that reminds you of those days where the air is just perfect. There is a subtle breeze that carries upon it the slight scent of honeysuckle that makes you feel young and full of life. You think to yourself "if only they could bottle that scent". Here it is in a bottle! I love the packaging and the scent. You sense the floral and a bit of something sweet. This is not the typical baby powder scent at all. Unique and refreshing. This will not last all day but you will get about 3 hours out of it even if it is close to the skin. I don't mind refreshing the spray of this during the day - makes me feel good. Also, this makes a great hair perfume - no drying alcohol in it. My kids are grown - I use this for myself...makes me feel like a kid inside.

Available at many locations.  I usually buy from this site as they offer discounts often of up to 20% if you sign up for their mailing list.  The regular price for this at is $29.00.


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