Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clinique Happy Perfume - Happy New Year!

I have worn Happy on and off (I am never faithful to a scent - love too many for that!) since it came out!  I can recall the very first time I smelled it on someone.  It was in the grocery store and I didn't care how silly I looked...I pushed my cart around that store until I located the source of the goodness floating upon the air.  The woman wearing it was very gracious and told me what it was.  A NEW perfume.  I finished my food shopping and headed OUT TO THE MALL.  I sprayed it on - felt like it did NOT smell on me as it did on her, however, received compliments on my perfume.  On her it was a sweet (in a flower nectar gorgeous addicting way) scent.  I could not have picked out citrus or anything in particular.  Just a goodness and a femininity that every lady would want in her perfume.  Quite memorable as I am writing about it all these years later.  I found that whenever I asked someone what they were wearing (when I liked a scent) it turned out to be "Happy".  Some might find that "too common" or, "not unique enough", "too recognizable".  HMMMM....if something is good...the word will spread.  (What about the IPhone and IPad? good, right?  Many own them.  They are good.  Many owning them does not make them a bad thing, yes?)  If something is not so good you will hear about it for a while and then it disappears.  This perfume has been around for a long time for a reason.  I would say that when it first came out, many were wearing it at the same time but, not all wore it well.  This (in my humble opinion) created such a vast degree of a LOVE or HATE for this scent.  Either you loved it for all the compliments you received or, you hated it because everyone had a bottle and/or someone that you encountered was spraying it on as if it were a light body spray.  This is a Perfume (Contains a HIGH concentration of oils/scent)...not an EDT, Cologne or Body Spray (Which contains a lower concentration of scent).  It is a true Perfume.  With a Perfume - you MUST be careful of how much you apply.  I am guilty of over-applying this scent through the years and I think that is why I did not get that feeling of bright, happiness and sweet nectar when I wore it.  Now when I wear this I spritz 3 times over my head and let it fall onto me.  When I do this I apply just the right amount and I still receive compliments as I walk past my husband late in the day.  This tells me that 3 spritzes directly on the body is TOO much.  What a wonderful thing to be able to buy an affordable scent in PERFUME strength!  I think it is fabulous!  Normally, when you buy a scent in Perfume strength you get so very little that you would never dream of spritzing it into the air!  What an affordable, luxurious treat to be able to spritz in the air and have so much to spare for the next time.  Even if I did not use up my bottle before it got "old", I would have received my money's worth out of this as I do NOT need to carry it with me or reapply.  PLUS, the bedroom where I sprayed this in the morning still smells lovely that evening.  Never would I like the strength of this scent changed.  I hate NEEDING to reapply.  I don't mind reapplying if I WANT to but NEEDING to reapply after spending so much on some of my more expensive perfumes really peeves me off.  Clinique Happy, when worn correctly, is a lovely scent and the men in my family love it as does my daughter.  I do prefer the Perfume spray over the creams in this scent - as I do like the way that light spritz in the air falling upon my body wears throughout the day versus applied directly to my body (as you would with cream).  I miss terribly the shampoo and conditioner that was out very briefly and wish that they would make an antiperspirant/deodorant for woman like they do for the men.  I love so many perfumes but if I need something that wears well and long and is so universally loved (when worn correctly and not overspritzed) - this is the one I reach for.

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