Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hilde Soliani - Conaffetto - Eau de Parfum

If Heaven had a scent it would be scented with Conaffetto!  The name means "with feeling or with affection" in Italian.  Conaffetto is the perfect name for this wonderful perfume that has the sweetness that floats in the air in early Spring.  Reminiscent of when sweet blossoms first open and you walk around wondering what it is that smells so wonderful. The almond and the sugar melt into the floral blossoms seamlessly creating a delectable honey nectar. The orange blossoms are not sharp - they have a honey-sweetness that I sense after this has set for about 5 minutes on the skin. A perfectly blended potion once settled from the initial blast. One application behind my neck and on my chest gently wafts about treating me to its gentle caress. It is a perfume that smiles. I read that Hilde's perfumes are scent memories. Scents that trigger past warm fuzzy memories. I get that.  When I experience this scent it feels familiar but different. Hilde Soliani created this scent for her friend's wedding (LUCKY FRIEND!) Comfortable and very cozy and sexy at the same time. Though I do appreciate other perfumes. This has wiggled its way up to one of my top favorites in this scent category. A scent for grown ups that feels young. LOVE it! Oh, yes, expensive - but if 2 spritzes can last that long - very worth it and I know I will start saving now for another spare bottle. Hope she makes it forever! *I find I am drawn to any scent of Hilde Soliani that I have sampled so far.  They haunt me and even make their way into my dreams at night.  *Also, this is one that lasts longer when SPRITZED versus dabbed. (but with sample dabbing you will still get a great sense of this fragrance - just know it is even better with spritzing).  (Photo shown is a stock photo - Please know the actual bottle received is a peachy/pink liquid actually quite suited to this lovely feminine fragrance!)  I hear in Italy this can be purchased in oil form.  I WOULD FALL over with excitement to find that here in the USA some day.

Conaffetto Notes
Orange blossom, almond, sugar

Hilde Soliani's Website

I have also reviewed this on several other perfume sites (if this review looks familiar to you).
This perfume is available online in the US from Lucky Scent (use code MUA during checkout for free shipping over $75.00 to USA).  It is also available at New London Pharmacy.  This perfume is approximately 200.00 depending on where you buy it.

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