Saturday, August 6, 2011

Johnson's Baby Cologne Colonia

Those that know me personally know that there are two things that will grab my attention faster than a live horse standing in the middle of a shopping mall.  One is a wonderful fragrance trailing behind a woman.  (I have been known to  follow someone until I had the courage to ask what perfume they were wearing!).  Another is jewelry - but that is a subject for another post.  It really does not matter the price of the particular fragrance if I love it, I will find a way to own it.  Sell off whatever is laying around and not getting used I say!  Even the family knows not to leave anything important laying around too long - it may just go missing. (*Whistling*)  Though scent is a very personal experience, it is interesting that some scents that are high in price are not necessarily the best.  I have received the most compliments on fragrances that have cost very little.  Several of my fragrances cost more than a fragrance should and I save them for special occasions or when I need a pick-me-up.  This little gem intended for babies/children came to my attention quite by accident.  When I placed a order I added a couple into my cart.  They were on sale for approximately 2.00 at the time (currently, $2.99) and I was getting free shipping with my order.  Never did I expect to find such a lovely treat inside this bottle.  The Johnson's line of baby cologne does come in several fragrances but only this one pictured here is available by retail in the USA as far as I can find.  On Ebay I see some of the other scents but they differ in that they contain alcohol and this one pictured does not.  (I tried several that contained the alcohol and I didn't care for them)  I mention that this version is alcohol free because I can use this cologne anywhere.  You can use it on the body of course.  Put some into a spray bottle and spritz your hair to freshen it up or even (shhhhhhh!) under your arms over your unscented deodorant.  Not only does this particular bottle pictured not contain alcohol - it seems to moisturize my skin.  I really do not know how it is doing that but it leaves a bit of a sheen and a softness to the skin.  The scent, though light and refreshing, seeps into my clothing making the scent last even longer than those expensive perfumes I have lining my shelf.  I have read posts about this where folks do not understand why a cologne was made for a baby.  This product is really no different than using a scented baby lotion on your child.  I do not understand what the confusion is about.  We all wish to freshen up during the day - and babies can get a bit *sour* (don't we all?).  This version pictured is alcohol free so it won't be drying and if you use as directed on your baby it would be a way to extend that *just bathed* fragrance throughout the day.  There is a warning on the label not to use on children with allergies or asthma.   The very same could be said of other fragrances too.  The packaging is sweet and I like it, however some have mentioned they would rather a spray bottle.  In my opinion, since this is marketed for children, a spray bottle would make it difficult to apply to a child as over spray could get into their eyes etc.  However, I think that a spray bottle is a fabulous idea for an adult and plastic spray bottles are sold all over the place.  I keep mine in its original bottle.  It comes with a seal underneath the lavender cap that has a little area that you can poke a hole in.  Usually, I just remove the seal.  I read that if you just put the hole in the seal and replace the purple cap that it helps to control the flow of product out of the top.  I like using it as a splash so this is not a problem for me but if you travel with yours it may be a consideration.  Also, I have a small glass bottle meant for perfume oils that I decanted some into so that I could carry some in my purse when I wish to wear this scent.  Mostly, I do not even need to reapply this.  That is the most fabulous part of all!  For only a couple of dollars and one application I can smell this lovely scent all day long.  I after applying in the morning following my shower.  (I use it as an all-over splash when I wear it).  It is especially refreshing on a hot summer's day.  The big question - What does it smell like?  To me, this smells of Johnson's Baby Shampoo.  That is the place this scent took me to.  It is floral but not in a nose stinging way.  There is a gentle sweetness in the dry down.  You may think that it must smell of powder but I do not get a strong *powder* from this, perhaps only a whisper of powder.  It smells sweetly clean and fresh. *This information refers to the bottle pictured - alcohol free and labeled only as Johnson's baby cologne colonia (no other fragrance names mentioned on the bottle).

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