Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rogue Hats! - Great Fit and Style

Fresh from vacation I decided that my hat that I LOVE to wear, especially on the beach, deserves a mention here as one of MY favorite things.  These hats are made well and are so comfortable to wear.  You might expect a leather hat to be hot in the sun but I do not find my hat to be uncomfortable at all.  It does not look too large or too South Western in design.  It always seems perfect for outdoor wear, be it riding around in my Jeep or sitting in the back yard.  This is a photo of my first Rogue hat and it has held up and served me well.  It is soft and flexible and very easy to wear.  I read online that these are made from three pieces of leather.  They are stitched nicely and I think if you ever needed a repair a leather or shoe repair shop could take care of that for you.  This particular style that I own is suede.  It is nice but I started to think about it on the beach and wanted to add another style to my collection.  I settled on a darker brown and a non-suede design much the same as my original in cut.  This new one is lovely and the tag mentions that this version has oiled leather and is weather resistant which is nice.

These hats can be ordered from Rogue Hats.  At this site you will see some other Rogue designs as well as some other brands.  Some are in canvas and some with leather and netting or an attached cord to keep your hat around your neck.  They are available in many sizes.  The email contact on the page is very responsive to emails.  I was able to email and ask if there was a darker color in a particular style I wanted and she replied quickly with the information I needed.  She also supplied me with a PayPal invoice so that I could pay conveniently via PayPal.  My hat arrived within a week and was at my house by the time I returned from vacation.  It is the style you see here but a tad darker brown in shade and I love it.  You will notice in the photo the leather has a nice sheen to it.  If you are looking for a bit of protection from the sun or a way to keep those little hairs out of your eyes while driving around with the top open in your car, this is a lovely choice for you.  Perfect for a man or a woman.  Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is weighted such that, when you select the correct size, it hugs the head nicely and I do not feel as if it will fly off my head with next gust of wind.  If you are purchasing for use while riding around in a speedboat however, I would suggest purchasing a hat with the attached neck cord.

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