Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mally - Eye Opening Brow Fix - One Color (Taupe)

This product is a dream for me.  Mally Brow Fix is a product that performs the tasks of three.  It is designed to shape, control and lightly tint the brows.  This is not a flaky powder or a harsh pencil.  The brows have a healthy slight shine to them after application.  Notice in the photo the rounded tip?  That is perfect for its method of application.  No sharpening is required of this lovely elixir of brow!  It is not used to "draw" an eyebrow onto your face but to enhance each hair itself thickening and defining the brow.  You apply this using upward strokes.  Usually, I start at the outside edge, pushing upwards lightly as I work my way along the brow line - from the bottom up to define the brow shape.  The taupe color is universal and is good for most brow colors.  Start lightly and apply more until you reach the definition and color that you desire.  Use short, light, feathery, upward strokes so as to not get it purposefully onto the skin.  If some product or color gets onto the skin it is easily removed.  Though it is easily removed from my skin during application, it stays on my brows all day.  I am on my 3rd purchase of this wonderful product.  It works great for me.  It is very important to define your brows however, I do back off from the dramatic, drawn on look.  As a rule, I am more inclined to the natural look.  With my long hair graying in the front, definition of the brows is very important.  This product is available at QVC for $25.00.  It takes a bit of time to get accustomed to the application method but once you get the hang of it I doubt you will return to your old pencil.  This even filled in the space in my brow I received from stitches as a kid.  First I apply my Eyelash/Brow Treatment (reviewed previously) and after that dries I apply my Mally Brow Fix.  Please visit QVC to read all of the wonderful customer reviews and play the video for application tips.  They have a 30 day return policy which will allow you enough time to see if this product will work for you.  So far QVC is the only place I have been able to purchase this product.  If you know of another distributor please let me know so that I can post that information here.

**I just found this on Mally's own website Mally Beauty!


  1. Hi Cara, I had mallys brow pencil and I loved it, I wrote to the company and asked them if they would make refills because its very expensive for the amount of actual pencil you get, theres a powder thingy on the other end of it that lasts much longer than the pencil side. I am hoping they do because it was long wearing and the color was excellent.

  2. Thank you SO much for your comment. My pencil does not have a powder thing on the end - I wonder if the pencil you have was a different style? Mine has quite a bit of product and lasts a decent amount of time. I will check her site to see if there are other options. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. HUGS

  3. Hi I have just ordered this product hope I like it. Never tried it before. X