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FACIAL Flex - Exercise Equipment for your FACE

This little gem of a product works wonders on your face.  It was originally designed as a medical device to rehabilitate the face of burn patients.  When I first tried this miracle mouthpiece I was VERY excited about it.  I waited impatiently for its arrival.  Seriously, if lifting weights can tone your arms why wouldn't a bit of exercise for your face do the same?  Do you remember the "Thigh Master" of the past (actually, it may still be around)?  This is much like that but is for the face!   It works by placing the mouthpiece into your mouth and bringing your lips into an oval shape.  You open that oval shape wide and squeeze it in pressing against the resistance of the facial flex.  The resistance is created by tiny rubber bands.  These can be purchased in different weights (or thickness) to create more resistance.  I have also heard of folks doubling up on the lower resistance bands.  You need to resist the urge to jump to the heaviest weighted band right away.  Also, I would recommend that you perform this exercise while looking into a mirror and with your face pushing forward away from the body (this will engage the muscles in the double-chin area).  There are plenty of good reviews for this piece of equipment out there and the few that are not so complementary mention this creates additional lines around the mouth.  In the past, when I first received my facial flex, I used to heavy a band immediately and I did not pay attention to how I was performing the exercise.  When you watch yourself perform this exercise in the mirror and notice lines forming as you bring the facial flex into the closed position - and you notice lines around the mouth as you squeeze it closed - you are doing it wrong.  When you do this according to the directions and with the correct weighted band you will not see those lines as you perform the exercise.  Start at the low weight bands included with the system and work your way up slowly.  Your mouth should be in an oval shape with your upper lips pulled down and pressed over your upper teeth.  Push your face forward to engage the neck muscles, look into the mirror and squeeze the facial flex together.  If you can focus on engaging the muscles in the sides of your face as you bring it together you will get even better results.  If in the beginning, even the lightest weight band is too much, place a finger on each side of the facial flex to aid your mouth in bringing it in together.  You will know it is too much if you see those puppet lines while you are bringing your facial flex together.  Your skin around your mouth should look smooth.  They also say to put lotion on prior to use but I am guilty of not doing that step.  I keep mine with my toothbrush so that I perform these morning and night.  2 minutes/twice a day for a pain free face lift.

How much does it cost? This can be ordered from QVC (link below) for 29.95 plus shipping.  However, pay a bit more at the main site for this product and you can add the video/DVD to your order.  The video is a nice thing to have so that you perform the exercise correctly.  You can watch the video on QVC online however, I do not feel the lovely model is using it correctly (in my opinion).  There are some copies of this unit but you can easily tell them apart.  Be sure that you are buying the original.  The copycat model is NOT something I would recommend that you purchase.

Does it work?  At the time of this writing, I am 47 and I have been using Facial Flex for more than 4 years pretty much faithfully.  As a result, I do not have problems with my neck or jawline.  Is it going to smooth your face so that you look like a 16 year old?  No.  It will however, make the most of what you have and help to maintain muscle tone.  One bonus I should mention is that my lips (especially my upper lip) are much plumper now that I have been using this product.  Lips tend to thin as you age.  I purchased a spare Facial Flex for fear of missing a day should this one ever break or get lost.  I cannot stress enough that you MUST perform the exercise correctly.  Even after all these years of using this product  I still look into the mirror as I perform the exercise.

This was originally invented to help those suffering from facial burns.  It worked to soften the scar tissue forming.  In 1992, Facial Flex was classified as a Class 1 medical device by the FDA in the U.S.  It was through the observation that the Facial Flex was firming up areas not damaged by the burns that this wonderful piece of equipment was used for cosmetic purposes to tone the muscles of the face and neck.  Check out the main Facial Flex website below - there is a link at the top of the home page where you can watch a video of this exercise being performed.  You will also be able to read more about this great product.  I purchased mine from QVC.  There are SO many customer reviews that you can read on the QVC site.  I will post that link below as well.

Watch Facial Flex Video
Read Reviews and Purchase on QVC - Can be purchased here
USA Official Website - Can be purchased here

There is no assembly required.  Notice in the photo the center white area?  There is an indentation here that holds the rubber band.  The bands should be replaced often and are available for sale wherever you purchase your facial flex.

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